Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What I had for Supper

I'm always on the lookout for new supper recipes. I scour the Internet and usually find some pretty good ones. Plus, I have a huge collection of cookbooks. Actually, I've banned myself from buying cookbooks, because I hardly ever open them anymore. I just go online. And don't even ask about magazines, cause Lord, Have Mercy!! I have hundreds of them! You would think with all these recipes at my fingertips, that I would cook something new and interesting every night of the week. Not so. I used to be pretty good about it, but I've been kind of in a rut here lately with the whole cooking of the supper. I start looking for a new recipe and then I get overwhelmed and then I make hot dogs. Can I get a amen? Plus, it get expensive sometimes. And I'm the worst for driving 30 miles out of the way for one ingredient and then using it one time. Yeah, that would be me. :)

Some of my favorite cooking websites are Allrecipes, Recipezaar,& Food Network. These are the main sites I go to when I;m looking for a certain recipe. The Pioneer Woman recently launched a new cooking site called The Tasty Kitchen. There are several recipes I've tried on there already, because they've been on her website. Every recipe I've ever tried from her site has been outstanding. So I was browsing P-Dub recently and she'd made a recipe from the site called Hot and Sweet Drumsticks. They looked really good and she was raving about them. The ingredient list didn't look so great though. Apricot preserves, soy sauce, and Ketchup? Sounds like a bad Chinese recipe. So, anyway, and I rarely do this, unless something just look exceptional, I sent hubs to the store with the ingredient list and made this for supper last night. Oh. My. It was so good!! You just warm up the ingredients in a saucepan first to kind of "melt" the preserves, then pour it over drumsticks, and bake it in the oven. It's that easy! You do need to baste with the sauce occasionally, but there's really nothing to it! I was so pleased with this recipe and my kids devoured it. My only complaint was how messy it was. But that was overshadowed by the pure goodness of it! I highly recommend this for supper (or dinner if you live up north ;), just try it one time and I promise you'll be hooked! For the recipe click here.


  1. I want to make these today dont you just love pdubs new site? Thanks for sharing! Oh yes and an amen on the hot dog conspiracy!

  2. Ha Ha! I made these too! They were so good :)