Monday, July 6, 2009

What a Weekend......

We decided at the last minute on Friday to spend July 4Th in the mountains. A friend had called at the beginning of the week and wanted us to stay with her. I had decided not to, but then she called again and begged us to come, so I relented. Had a pretty good Fourth, except for the raging sunburn I got on Saturday. It was looking like rain so I skipped the sunblock. Anyone who knows me, knows that I have very fair skin, so by the end of the day, I had a really bad burn. Lesson learned. Hope I'm not going to pay for it in a few years.

The real adventure began when we started home. Traveling down the highway about 2 hours from home,and my van just stops. It doesn't sputter, it doesn't jerk, It doesn't give any warning at all. It just quits at 55 mph. I'm 2 hours from home with 3 kids. Thankfully I have roadside assistance through my Insurance company. The sent a tow truck out to tow it in for me. The guy actually offered to tow it all the way to my house, but it was going to be almost 400 bucks. Yeah. Not happening. So instead they towed it to the local dealer. They wanted 90 bucks just to tell us what was wrong with it. Whatevah! So how did we get home? My youngest sister came and got us and took us to my mom and dad's house. We stayed with them and then my other sister and my mom took us home. A friend of my hub's towed the van back to our house for us, and he didn't charge us anything, which was awfully sweet of him.

This morning, my hub's called around to a few places and told them what had happened. General consensus is that it's the timing belt. And it's going to cost anywhere from 600-700 bucks to fix it. Did I mention we just put an offer in on a house? Yeah.....We had to give the real estate agent 1,000 dollars earnest money. Even as I write this, I'm just so......annoyed.

But you know what? I didn't have a wreck. No one was hurt. We got home safely. We have food in our cabinets, clothes in our closets and everyone is healthy. We're moving into a fabulous house.
I am Blessed! Thank you, Lord!

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  1. I had a timing belt go on me the middle of a very busy intersection in Jacksonville FL. The DHL driver (a woman!!) had to help push my car across traffic. It was awful....I'm glad ya'll are okay though!!