Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back To Square One

I finally started packing on Monday. I had the living room almost done, except for the furniture. I was getting all excited because finally we were moving into our own home! Renting was done! You do notice how I'm using the past tense in this, right? Then our realtor called. And my happy little bubble burst. The house that we're going to buy appraised $16,000 lower than what we offered the sellers. And that was only $4,000 below the listing price. That'll snap you right back into reality, won't it? As of yesterday, our realtor was filing the paperwork to terminate the contract. We haven't heard back yet. But unless they drastically reduce the price of the house, it ain't happening.

I was really upset on Monday. I was thinking "Why us?". I'm okay with it now, though. There's tons of other houses out there for sell. And you know what? They only have 1 house they need to sell, we have hundreds that we could actually buy. Their loss. I kind of hate it for the sellers though. If they sell it for the price that it appraised for, then they'll only be making about $7,000 in profit. At the price they had it listed, they were going to make around $27,000 profit, so I think they might have gotten the worst end of this.

My biggest worry is about the kids starting school. School starts here on August 25Th. We wanted to be in our house by then, so they could begin a new school year at their new schools. But now, we may have to pull them out a few weeks after school begins, to start at their new schools. My head hurts just typing this. Did it make any sense at all?

So anyway, we are back to square 1, and we are going house shopping again tomorrow. All you praying people, please pray for us. Especially me, this is starting to stress me out. Lots of love to all you , and hopefully some better news next time. :)

Oh, and by the way, thank you to all the bloggers who stopped by from Blog Hop'09. I was thrilled with all the comments left. It's great to meet other women and mommies out there who are just like me; trying to make it just one day at at time. I'll be visiting your blogs soon!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! There were SO many listed on the bloghop list that I didn't get through all of mine!

    I am very sorry about your house not going through. A dear friend of mine is going through the same thing, but b/c of failed inspections. I'm sure the Lord has another plan in store that you will find out about soon enough!!

  2. Oh man, what a bummer! But I'm sure God has another great house out there just waiting for you. And it's going to be so fantastic that one morning not too long from now you'll wake up and be like, "wow! Thank GOD that other house fell through!"

  3. Oh no!!! I'm so sorry. Nothing worse than having your hopes up and then your plans fall through. But, as you just wasn't meant to be. Here's hoping something comes up soon!!