Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm Ba-ack!!

I went on mini vacation this past week. I call it a mini vacation, because I had all the kids, Hubs stayed at home (work), and I still had to do all the things I do at home (cooking, cleaning, laundry) just in a different part of the state. I love being with my family and I really miss them, especially now that the kids are out of school. My mom is my best friend and I spent more time with her than anyone, and It's a little strange now that I can't just drive to her house anytime I want.
Anyway, I hung out with my sisters, and we went swimming and went to a wedding and just had an all around good time. For those of you who don't live anywhere near the mountains, I've got a few pictures for you.......

This is the view from my sister's deck. Awesome, huh?

These were taken outside of the pool we went to. It was an awesome pool, except that there was about 75 middle schoolers there. And they kept splashing me in the face. And I really hate that. But they didn't really mean to. So I kept my cool.

This is my mom trying to take a picture of herself. She would strangle me if she knew I put it on the Internet. Love you, Mama! That's my niece in the background. That kid's a piece of work, let me tell ya!

This is my other niece. She, too, is a piece of work. Hmmm.. Lots more to come later!


  1. You just had to go and post pictures of the mountains didn't you? :-)

  2. I knew you'd like them! Actually now that I look at the post, I think I posted 2 of the same picture. Oh well.